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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

Do I need to be a pilot or own a plane?

Not at all! We welcome everyone to the Airpark. Many people are just happy to admire the planes from a distance.

How loud is it at the Airpark with planes flying in?

The blocks are large enough that there is a great deal of space between you and your neighbours that noise isn't an issue. If you are concerned about it please contact us. With 200+ AirBnb guests no one has had any complaints about it.

What attractions are nearby?

  • The township of Wilmington is a 3 minute drive away or 25 minute walk.

  • Alligator Gorge National Park is a popular attraction and the entrance is located just outside of Wilmington.

  • Scenic Flinders Ranges surrounds the Airpark.

  • The Airpark is a short flight or Drive from Wilpena Pound.

  • Melrose is a popular mountain bike destination.

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